WireMod & Advanced Duplicator Guide


WireMod is an add-on for Garry's Mod.
It consists of a collection of entities connectable by data wires,
which allows for the creation of advanced contraptions.

Advanced Duplicator is, as the name suggests, a more advanced version of the Duplicator tool.


To install WireMod and Advanced Duplicator, follow the following steps.

  • Download the following 3 zip files
  • https://github.com/wiremod/wire/archive/master.zip
  • Open it, and open the contained folder "wire-master", then extract the contents of it to a folder named "wire"
  • https://github.com/wiremod/advduplicator/archive/master.zip
  • Open it, and open the contained folder "advduplicator-master", then extract the contents of it to a folder named "AdvDuplicator"
  • https://github.com/wiremod/wire-extras/archive/master.zip
  • Open it, and open the contained folder "wire-extras-master", then extract the contents of it to a folder named "wire-extras"
  • Open your Steam install directory (Default C:/Program Files/Steam)
  • Open steamapps
  • Open *yourname* (where *yourname* is your Steam username), if you cannot find a folder of this name, open Common
  • Open Garrys Mod
  • Open garrysmod
  • Open addons
  • You should now be at C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/*yourname*/Garrys Mod/garrysmod/addons/
  • Now copy the 3 folders you made earlier (wire,wire-extras,AdvDuplicator) and paste them here
  • If all went correctly, WireMod and Advanced Duplicator are now installed.

How to use

Wiremod is an addon that allows the user to spawn gates, sensors, inputs and outputs and wire them together so a working computer-like contraption can be made in Garry's Mod. The gates are connected with wires, which are beams that act as a medium to carry the output from one wired entity to an input on another.

There are a wide variety of tools which can be selected, including logic gates, which allow for complex digital circuits to be made to control outputs and respond to inputs for example, and E2 gates which give ultimate versatility by allowing you to program the function of a gate in a scripting language called Lua.

This means that with enough mouse clicks and time, you can make anything out of WireMod logic gates or E2 gates that you can make with real life logic circuits. For example, you could even make a computer entirely out of WireMod logic gates, and write an operating system to run on it.

To select a WireMod tool, open the Spawn Menu, and at the top right, select the Wire tab.
The desired tool can now be selected using the list on the right hand side of the Spawn Menu.
Once the tool has been selected, it's name is displayed on a screen on the back of the Tool Gun.
When the tool has been selected, its parameters can be altered in a menu which will appear to the right of the tool list.
The Tool Gun can now be used to place WireMod items, just as you can place non-WireMod items with the Tool Gun.

To wire WireMod items together,
select the Wire tool,
Mouse-over the output item, (E.G. a lamp), and it will show you the various inputs to this item. Select the appropriate one by right clicking repeatedly then left click to attach the wire.
Now mouse over the input item (E.G. a button), and it will show you the various outputs of this item. Select the appropriate one by right clicking, then left click to attach the other end of the wire to complete the circuit.

Now when you press the button, the light will switch on.

WireMod items

WireMod items are seperated into 10 categories -

  • Advanced
  • Beacon
  • Control
  • Data
  • Detection
  • Display
  • Render
  • I/O
  • Physics
  • Tools

The items which consist these categories are listed below.


  • SPU
  • Address Bus
  • Extended Bus
  • Plug/Socket
  • Port
  • Transfer Bus
  • GPU
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Flash EEPROM
  • ROM


  • Beacon Sensor
  • Locator
  • Target Finder
  • Waypoint


  • CPU
  • Expression 2
  • Gates


  • CD Disk
  • CD Ray
  • DHDD
  • Satellite Dish
  • Store
  • Transferer


  • Adv Entity Marker
  • Damage Detector
  • Entity Marker
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Laser Pointer Receiver
  • Ranger
  • Speedometer
  • Water Sensor


  • 7 Segment Display
  • Console Screen
  • Control Panel
  • Digital Screen
  • EGP v3
  • Fix RenderTargets
  • GPULib Switcher
  • Hud Indicator
  • Indicator
  • Lamp
  • Light
  • Oscilloscope
  • Pixel
  • Screen
  • Sound Emitter
  • Text Screen


  • Colorer
  • HoloEmitter
  • HoloGrid
  • Wire FX Emitter


  • Adv. Input
  • Advanced Pod Controller
  • Button
  • Constant Value
  • Dual Input
  • Dynamic Button
  • Eye Pod
  • Graphics Tablet
  • Numpad Input
  • Numpad Output
  • Plug
  • Pod Controller
  • Radio
  • Relay
  • TextReceiver
  • Two-way Radio
  • Vehicle Controller
  • Wired Keyboard
  • Wired Numpad


  • Cam Controller
  • Clutch
  • Detonator
  • Explosives
  • Explosives (Simple)
  • Forcer
  • Grabber
  • Hoverball
  • Hoverdrive Controller
  • Hydraulic
  • Igniter
  • Nailer
  • Prop Spawner
  • Thruster
  • Trail
  • Turret
  • User
  • Vector Thruster
  • Weight
  • Weld/Constraint Latch
  • Wheel
  • Winch


  • Debugger
  • Expression 2 - Wirelink
  • Namer
  • Wire
  • Wire Advanced
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