Switched multi winding binary voltage power supply concept
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A variable voltage source with no voltage regulation/power dissipation for voltage dropping.

It consists of a transformer with multiple output windings, wired selectively in series.
each winding's output voltage must be double that of the previous one.

It's voltage is incremented in steps, this step is the same as the first winding's voltage.
The maximum voltage is the first winding's voltage, subtracted from (the last winding's voltage times two).

A transformer with 5 windings.
The 1st winding's voltage is 1V
The 2nd winding's voltage is 2V
The 3rd winding's voltage is 4V
The 4th winding's voltage is 8V
The 5th winding's voltage is 16V

The voltage step is 1V
The maximum voltage is 31V
So all the available voltages are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…31V.

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