DarkRP guide

How to play

DarkRP is a role-play game in Garry's Mod.
The main purpose of the game is to choose a job, and do it according to the rules thereof, to earn money.
You are also payed a salary in addition to the money you earn by doing your job, which varies depending on what your job is.
Mayor usually has the highest salary.

Only Thief, Gangster, and Mob Boss can do criminal raiding.
Police can raid, but first they must suspect that you have something illegal, and then they must obtain an arrest warrant.

Only Thief, Gangster, Mob Boss, and Hacker can take part in criminal raiding.

It is a good idea to have Microphone Receive volume turned up in game, as most players and admins will speak rather than type unless you ask them to do otherwise.

Rules, jobs, and specifics of gameplay may vary from server to server, this guide is only supposed to give a general idea of how to play.


Different servers will have a different selection of jobs, but the following ones will be found on most servers.

  • Thief
  • Gangster
  • Mob Boss
  • Gun Dealer
  • Drug Dealer
  • Prostitute
  • Hacker
  • Hitman
  • Mayor
  • Police
  • Car Dealer
  • Cook
  • PC Tech
  • Hobo
  • Citizen

Commands & controls

The following is a list of commands (which are entered into chat), and commonly used keyboard controls.
Chat in game is only read by those who are within a small radius of you. You must use OOC to allow everyone on the server to read your messages.

The quotation marks are not part of the commands.



or /OOC Denotes Out Of Character (OOC). Use this to allow everyone on the server to read what you are saying.
Example: "Blah blah"

/advert Use this to advertise something you are selling, (Hits, Cars, Guns, Drugs etc) and to advertise hits and raids.
Example: "/advert Raid"

/y or /yell Use this to allow players in a larger radius to read what you are saying.
Example: "/y Blah blah"

/pm *player* Use this to send a Private Message to a player.
Example: "/pm Quantumbit Blah blah"


  • Mouse - look around.
  • Arrow keys/WASD - move around.
  • Left click - Fire guns, fire objects from Gravity Gun, pick up objects with Phys Gun, lock doors, etc.
  • Right click - Alternate fire, pick up objects with Gravity Gun, unlock doors, etc.
  • Scroll wheel - Select weapon, move objects which are held in the Phys Gun beam inwards/outwards, etc.
  • F4 - Open menu in which you can change your RP name, give money, buy items etc.
  • Q - Open menu from which you can spawn props, use tools etc.
  • E - Open doors, pick up items, etc.
  • Z - Undo previous action (Prop spawn, use of tool, etc).


You can Raid.
As thief, you make money by raiding others' bases and stealing their items, and by mugging players.
Your Lock Pick is used to unlock doors, and fading doors.
Before you begin your raid you must type "/advert Raid"
Once the raid is completed you must type "/advert Raid over"
The raid is completed once you have left the base, or been killed.

Once you enter a base, you can kill whoever is inside.
Remember NLR. If someone kills you, then thats the raid over and you must wait 10 minutes before re-attempting to raid the same base.

You must leave 5 minutes between raids (Unless its the same base).
Similarly, if you kill whoever is in the base you are raiding, they cannot return for 5 minutes.

Your objective is to steal whatever they have, money printers, cars, drugs, guns etc.

Thieves can also carry out muggings, but not alone. They must be accompanied by another thief (?).
To do this, you point a gun at someone and demand that they give you a specified amount of money (Server rules usually specify that this amount of money is less than a specific amount, for example $500), and because of FearRP, they must pay you.

Mob Boss

You can Raid.
As Mob Boss, you lead the Gangsters.


You can Raid.
As Gangster, you take orders from the Mob Boss.

Gun Dealer

As Gun Dealer, you make money by selling guns and other weapons to whoever wants them.
A Gun Dealer typically has a base (which is also a shop) from which they sell their weapons, but it is not required.
You can advertise your products using "/advert" in any way that you want.

Drug Dealer

As Drug Dealer, you make money by selling drugs to whoever wants them.
A Drug Dealer sometimes has a base (which is also a shop) from which they sell their drugs, but it is not required.
You can advertise your products using "/advert" in any way that you want


As Prostitute, you earn money by being paid to dance in an annoying manner for players.
You can advertise your service(s) using "/advert" in any way that you want.


You can take part in Raids.
As hacker, you make money by helping others to carry out criminal raiding by cracking keypads which control fading doors.
You cannot raid alone, but you can take part in a raid, and steal stuff.


As Hitman, your job is to kill other players when hired and payed to do so.
You must advertise your service, so that a player can hire you to kill another player.
An example of this advert would be "/advert Hits cost $100. PM me"
You must now wait for someone to PM you with a Hit request on a player.
If you accept it, you should message them back and tell them where to meet you for payment.
After you have been payed, you must "/advert Hit accepted".
Now, you have to find the player that you are going to kill, and kill them.
If you succeed then you must "/advert Hit completed".
If you are killed by the player, you must "/advert Hit failed"

You must not message yourself with Hit requests on other players, as this is RDM and FailRP.


As Mayor, your job is to make laws, which the Police should try to enforce, and which players should obey.


As Police, your job is to enforce the law.
You are given tools to do this, these include a gun, a Stun Stick, a Battering Ram, and Arrest and Un-Arrest Batons.
Stun Stick is used to stun players when they are hit by it.
Arrest Baton is used to arrest a player.
Un-Arrest Baton un-arrests a player.

As Police, you must not arrest players randomly.

You can make an Arrest Warrant (In the F4 Menu) against a felon if they are at large, this alerts everyone that he is wanted by the Police. It also makes all Police aware of him, so they can combine their efforts and find him quicker.

Car Dealer

As Car Dealer, you make money by selling cars and airboats to whoever wants them.
You can advertise your products using "/advert" in any way that you want.


As Cook, you make money by selling microwave ovens which spawn food.
You can advertise your products using "/advert" in any way that you want.

PC Tech

As PC Tech, you make money by selling PCs to whoever wants them.
You can advertise your products using "/advert" in any way that you want.


As Hobo… Well you do whatever Hobos do. Get in players' way, annoy people, get drunk, hang around in the street, etc.


As Citizen, you have no specific job, you earn money by your salary only.

Cars & Airboats

You can buy these from the Car Dealer.
These are used for traversing the map quicker than you can on foot.

To drive a Car or Airboat, use the same keys you use to move (Arrow keys/WASD) to drive forward, back, and to steer left or right.
Space bar applies the brakes.

You can lock and un-lock your Car or Airboat using Keys like you can lock and un-lock a door.

Money printers

Money printers are objects which any player with any job can buy.
They print a certain amount of money regularly, every few minutes usually.
They are illegal, so make sure you're not caught with them.
A server usually has various types of money printers.
The more costly ones produce more money.
A money printer does not give back the money you paid for it straight away.
You have to wait to break even, and after that then you will make profit from them.

Money printers usually explode immediately upon contact with water, and when hit with bullets/props, exposed to explosions, etc.

Fading Doors

A fading door is a prop which has had the Fading Door tool used on it.
A fading door acts like an ordinary prop until activated, at which point it becomes invisible, and you can walk through it.
Fading doors are activated by pressing their assigned key, or (if you have a button/keypad assigned to the same key), activating the button/keypad.

Making a base

Its usually a good idea to have a secure base where you can
store your money printers, guns, drugs, etc,
sell your products from,
hide from approaching adversaries,
conduct your operation from,
or just regroup.

To make a base, you need to find a building with unowned doors.
When you look at a door, it says how to buy it.
You can then lock and un-lock the door with Keys.

If your base has other entrances/windows, you can propblock all of those, and only leave one door uncovered.
For added security, its a good idea to install a fading door over the existing door.

Fading doors must stay open for at least 5 seconds once activated.
A fading door must have a keypad/button at each side.
The keypad/button must not be hidden, it must be next to the door.
You can put multiple fading doors infront of eachother, but they must each have a keypad/button on either side.

For explosion-resistance, its a good idea to secure your fading door to the surrounding walls with the Rope Tool.

Securing your base

In addition to a fading door and a locked door, there are various other ways that you can delay Raiders, and make your base more secure.

One option is to install multiple chambers, each with a fading door, so that those who enter must pick each fading door/crack each keypad. This takes a long time, allowing you to return to your base, or if you are already therein, prepare for their approach.

Another option is to hide your items (Money Printers, Weapons, Drugs, PCs etc) behind a fake wall, or ceiling for example.
This will hopefully not be found by the Raider, and although your base was raided, your items were not stolen.

It is common to make a box in which Money Printers can be stored, as they are valuable. The box will usually have fading doors, and be held together with ropes for explosion-resistance.


New Life Rule (NLR)

This rule states that you must not return to the place where you were killed within 5 minutes, unless you were RDMed.
And that you must forget everything about your previous life, E.G. A hitman cannot continue to pursue his target after he has been killed by them and respawned.



This means you must do what someone tells you if they are threatening your life by pointing a gun at you for example

Obey any other rules of the particular server you are playing on


Random Death Match (RDM)

To RDM is to kill other players, unless

  • Your job allows you to do so
  • It is in defense of yourself, a co-owner of your property, or your property itsself


To FailRP is to fail to carry out the duties which your job requires you to

Self supply

Buying guns or drugs for yourself by changing your job to do so.
You must not do this, as it defeats the purpose of the jobs of Gun Dealer and Drug Dealer


Metagaming is the act of using information obtained outwith the game, or Out Of Character (OOC), as an advantage in-game.
It is generally not a serious offense, and not easily proven.
This is often confused with NLR, although it is different.

Player A says in OOC that he was RDMed, he is then brought to an admin to explain the situation.
Player B reads that he was RDMed, changes his job to Thief, and raids the base of Player A.

In the above example, Player B used information obtained from OOC as an advantage. This is Metagaming.

6 things you shouldn't do with props


RDMing by using a prop as a weapon


Pushing other players or props with a prop


Arranging props so that you can jump from one to another to get somewhere (You can do this if its within your property)


  • Blocking all entrances to your property with a prop or props
  • Blocking all or part of a public place with a prop or props
  • Blocking entrances of another player's base with a prop or props


Standing on a prop and pulling it upwards as a means of moving yourself around the map


Spawning more props than you need, usually with intent to cause lag or crash the server

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